• About us

  • 9tofive houses an online portfolio of brands across various industry sectors of day-to-night retail apparel—but we’re more than just clothing.
  • It all started with a suit

  • Inspired by our founder’s business trips overseas, we started as a made to measure suit company for men in 2018 and have evolved into a brand house committed to designing fresh, versatile, and comfortable pieces for everyday wear. 
    Our mission is to be the premier destination for culture-conscious, fashion-forward creatives who value quality, versatility, and community. We believe in fostering a positive community of inclusivity and individuality, and we are dedicated to supporting our customers in their journey towards self-expression and self-discovery.
    In addition to retail, we also run a Brooklyn-based photography studio, a culture-forward podcast, Everybody Sneaks, for sneaker enthusiasts, and a MWBE-certified supply business for government and city agencies.

9tofive aims to offer a diverse range of products and services that cater to the diverse lives of our customers.

Meet Aaron

9tofive CEO & Founder

Aaron Clanton grew up observing his father, a well-dressed business owner of Clanton Real Estate, at work in Buffalo, New York. Early in his own career as an engineer in the oil and gas business, Aaron often found himself overseas in Asia, where he began to develop his own businesswear style. He observed many of the locals custom-making uniquely beautiful suits and felt inspired and challenged to turn his passion for dresswear into something he could share. Back in the states, Aaron explored different patterns and fabrics and began to shift his attention to suit-making for himself, friends, and family.
The rest is history.
  • Small business, big network

  • At 9tofive, we care about what most big suit companies don’t: forming productive and respectful partnerships with everyone along our supply chain. Our founder is personally involved in each step of the process; from fabric sourcing, to construction and tailoring, to your suit arriving at your door.
    We believe in the power of the local business; of forming genuine relationships and creating a sustainable economy within in your own neighborhood.
    We work alongside small, local tailors to offer you service that’s quick, convenient, and enriching to the community.We want you to develop a relationship with your tailor, so you trust them with more than just your 9tofive suit. Because it’s not about buying a product, it’s about reshaping your relationship to the clothes you wear.